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Hanitriniaina Ralaivao, originally from Madagascar, where vanilla thrives, brought her love for the prized flavor to a new home in Canada.  Determined to share the exquisite flavors of her homeland with a broader audience, she embarked on an inspiring journey. With the invaluable support of her partner, Ryan Neuls, Hanitriniaina who goes by Hanita took the first steps in establishing what would become Red Island Extracts.       


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Hanitriniaina Ralaivao
Ryan Nuels

How We Do It?

In crafting our exceptional vanilla extract, we employ a meticulous and time-honored process that begins with sourcing only the finest vanilla beans from around the world.

These beans are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality and flavor. We then use a slow, cold extraction method that involves steeping the beans in a meticulously chosen alcohol to extract the rich, aromatic essence.

This unhurried approach allows us to capture every natural flavor note and fragrance, resulting in a vanilla extract that’s superior in its depth and quality.  Our commitment to excellence and passion for perfection drive us to create a vanilla extract that enhances the taste of every dish it touches, making it the perfect addition to your creations.

How We Started

Starting as a modest venture with big dreams, their passion for the art of vanilla extraction and close connection with the farms in Madagascar drove them to refine their craft, constantly seeking perfection. Today, Red Island Extracts has blossomed into a prominent and well-regarded company in Saskatoon, proudly serving a growing number of local businesses and culinary enthusiasts who appreciate the authentic taste and quality they bring to every dish.

Hanita’s remarkable dedication and the partnership of Ryan have transformed a simple idea into a flourishing reality, enriching palates and kitchens across the region.

"I've incorporated Red Island Extracts' vanilla extract into my culinary endeavors for approximately a year now, employing it in baking, cooking, and various other recipes. The product boasts a wonderfully rich flavor, a testament to the expertise of its creators. I fully intend to maintain my ongoing patronage of this exceptional product."

Jason Belhumeur | Valued Customer

"Our customers hold great significance for us, and ensuring their happiness is our top priority. We invest time and effort into perfecting our product to ensure the highest quality in our vanilla extract is of paramount importance."

Ryan Neuls | Extract Expert

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